Happy Birthday to You

The past year has definitely felt like a roller coaster for both Elaine and I. Even 9 months beyond that, since I found out Elaine was pregnant on my first day of arriving back in the country after a running holiday (that was quite a shock!), nothing’s been the same. The whole journey of a baby growing inside was obviously more of a real experience for Elaine than myself, and it only really became real for me on the day of birth when Ari finally arrived.

Since then it’s been exciting to watch her develop and learn new skills seemingly very quickly, with the 6 monthly periods being the most noticeable for discoveries. She’s currently on the verge of walking, having learnt to stand up on her own a few months back now, she just needs a little bit more encouragement to want to walk over to use rather than drop down and crawl instead. She’s been really vocal for ages now as well, so we’re longingly awaiting the time when she finally utters ‘ma-ma’ or ‘da'da’ directionally towards us. But she’s doing extremely well with everything else so I’ll let her off for the time being!

On the actual day of her birthday we took her to a local soft play centre that she seemed to really enjoy last time. She goes mental for a ball pool now, so we've planned to buy her one this coming weekend to have in the house, and then we can use it just as a paddling pool in the summer.

In the afternoon we headed down to The B Bar on the Barbican with almost the whole family (Wayne was stuck in work!) for some thai food together, never any complaints, the food is always excellent! The weather on the other hand decided to take a turn and it rained all afternoon so we didn't manage to get out and about much.

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