Diamond Footwear Team at Note, Manchester


Recently I’ve started to rekindle my 15 year love affair with skateboarding again after a few moments away (nearly three years in fact!). I recently put together a fresh new set-up for probably one of the first times ever, I can’t remember the last time I had one that wasn’t comprised of secondhand bits bought off mates back in Plymouth. 

A couple of weeks back, Note played host for the final leg of the Diamond Footwear European Tour, a two week trip which saw the team take in the sights and spots of Lille, Paris, Lyon, London, and finally Manchester. A signing was held at the shop, and afterwards everyone headed down to the Pumpcage for a demo to finish off the evening.


The line-up for this tour consisted of Jamie Foy, Nick Tucker, Boo Johnson, Torey Pudwill, Brandon Biebel, and although not listed on the flyer, Girl and Diamond OG Jeron Wilson was also along for the ride. Throughout the signing and demo I was fortunate enough to snag a portrait with each of the team, who were more than gracious to take a couple minutes out to shoot and have a chat about how the tour had been going, clearly through sighs of exhaustion after a solid couple weeks of non-stop travelling, skating, and partying.

It’s not until you have names of this caliber skating in front of you that you really realise the level of consistency they’re operating at nowadays. I also fully understand why Jamie Foy was voted Thrasher’s SOTY for 2017. To see him smashing down rails in person with combo after flip-in combo was incredible. Rightly deserved.


On the photographic side of things, I brought along my Mamiya RZ67 and Canon EOS 30 with 50mm, and as I had no Portra left decided to dig through my stash of old film and shoot some Ilford SFX200, Kodak TMAX400 and then Ilford FP4 through the medium format set-up. All of which were around 15+ years out of date, and I wasn't actually aware of what that can do to B&W (not much luckily). It's been years since I've intentionally shot any monochrome work, and it definitely sets your mind to thinking more about factoring light and contrasting tones as opposed to the usual colour treatment. I'm happy with the results (aside from AF issues on my EOS30, might go with a Rangefinder next time) so I think I'm going to play about with it a bit more, especially with portraiture.

Thanks to Note, Pumpcage and Diamond Supply Co for a great event, it's definitely got me keen to try and shoot more skating in the future as well.

James MeasomComment